Video games don’t create killers

Na Reuters:
“Playing video games does not turn children into deranged, blood-thirsty super-killers, according to a new book by a pair of Harvard researchers.”

“We’re not comfortable doing pro and con. We’ve been asked to do the pro-game side in debates, and I don’t consider myself a pro-game person. Video games are a medium,” Olson said.


One thought on “Video games don’t create killers

  1. And they call themselves researchers….:(

    It is clear – even from their own research that the tendencies of adolescent violence can and is triggered by the violence in these games – and it is not the direct link to these games that causes such violence as one murdering or becoming a murderer per se – it is the reoccurring conditioning of the violent acts in fantasy that may make a killer down the line and certainly we won’t know until these ‘researchers’ do a very necessary follow-up study on the lives of their individuals in the study 15 years from now. To defend, what most of us mothers fear is not the direct link one year past or prior but the residual and libidoic imprint that this thought and action process has established in the mind of the child, like so many RACING games have proven – kids become fearless – in these cases, the desensitization of the the mind to blood, gore, acts of violence or disrespect to elders and powers of authority. If you did a study on the RESPECT OF ELDERS and simply asked a couple simple questions to elementary and middle school children – ‘what is RESPECT?’ and ‘how many people do you respec?’- you will find these games create far worse of a monster in our world.

    WHY DO YOU THINK THEY HAVE SIMILATION MACHINES – they remove the emotion and environmental sensitivity from the mission – allowing complete focus on the objective. Don’t you think this is what video games do in part?

    These so-called researchers have only touched the surface and are ludicris to believe this is valid enough to publish as valuable. They need much more schooling – maybe they should have kids of their own….:)

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