Diferentes formas de se entender o que é a Internet

–The Internet is a medium for mixed-media communication.
–It’s a medium for online music broadcasting.
–It’s a medium for making politically-motivated attacks. (And an unregulated medium at that. Heaven forbid we should practice unregulated politics.)
–It’s “a perfect medium for the sale of software and other digital products.”
–It’s a medium for interactive, moving content.
–It’s a “new medium for business communication.”
–It’s “a medium of news dissemination.”
–It’s “a new medium for design.”
–It’s a new medium for video.
–It’s a new medium for communication by individuals.
–It’s a new medium for socializing.

Este é um excerto de um post maior e bem interessante escrito por Michael Mace no blog Mobile Opportunity. Vale mesmo a pena ler tudo. (Dica do Cataplana).


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