Internet não têm fôlego para um bom jornalismo

Em discurso realizado anteontem, Dave Zeeck, presidente da Sociedade Norte-Americana de Editores de Jornais, questiona o gás da internet para fazer jornalismo. Os “melhores” trechos com certeza são:

It’s the same with the Internet in general. When someone tells me they get their news from the Internet, I want to say: ‘Oh yeah? So, tell me again, how many reporters does Yahoo have at City Hall? How many correspondents from Google are risking their lives in Iraq?’

People working for dot.coms go to jail for stock fraud or backdating options, not for disclosing important truths and protecting their confidential source?

E a merecida réplica publicada hoje pelo editor do Online Journalism Review, Robert Niles:


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