Resultado da experiência da Wired News

Há alguns dias falamos da iniciativa da Wired News de pedir a colaboração de seus leitores para editar uma matéria da revista em plataforma wiki.

A matéria foi escrita pelo repórter Ryan Singel com pouco mais de mil palavras. Até a quarta-feira passada (6/9), o texto recebeu 348 edições em seu corpo principal e 21 sugestões de título.

Agora, um resumo das conclusões do repórter:

– “I’ve learned over the last four years of writing for Wired News that my readers are smarter than I am.”

– “Certainly the final story is more accurate and more representative of how wikis are used.”

– Is it a better story than the one that would have emerged after a Wired News editor worked with it? I think not.

– The edits over the week lack some of the narrative flow that a Wired News piece usually contains. The transitions seem a bit choppy, there are too many mentions of companies, and too much dry explication of how wikis work.

– (…) the experiment shows that, in storytelling, there’s still a place for a mediator who knows when to subsume a detail for the sake of the story, and is accustomed to balancing the competing claims and interests of companies and people represented in a story.

A reportagem final está aqui: “Veni, Vidi, Wiki“.


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