Les Horribles Cernettes ?!

Não! A imagem que você está vendo não é um post OFF TOPIC!
Trata-se de um documento histórico da web. Foi a primeira imagem veiculada na rede. No “remoto” ano de 1992.

Confira o depoimento de Silvano Gennaro, engenheiro e colega de Tim Berners-Lee:

Back in 1992, after their show at the CERN Hardronic Festival, my colleague Tim Berners-Lee asked me for a few scanned photos of “the CERN girls” to publish them on some sort of information system he had just invented, called the “World Wide Web”. I had only a vague idea of what that was, but I scanned some photos on my Mac and FTPed them to Tim’s now famous “info.cern.ch”. How was I to know that I was passing an historical milestone, as the one above was the first picture ever to be clicked on in a web browser!

Dica de matéria da Agência Estado.

Mais sobre o quarteto na Wikipedia e no site das moças.


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