Meios de nos encontrarmos e nos perdemos

A reportagem “On message for an instant party“, publicada no Sunday Times deste domingo (link aberto para usuários cadastrados), trata dos meios síncronos e assíncronos de comunicação digital. Vale a pena a leitura. Reproduzo um box bem interessante logo abaixo. Será que algum meio é “good for” receber notícias? 😉 (A excelente dica de leitura veio do amigo Rogério Santos, do I.C.. Grazie! ;)). Ainda sobre esse assunto, lembro que o paper “Notícias no Celular: Tecnologias e Experiências” será apresentado pelo colega Paulo Henrique de Oliveira Ferreira (ECA/USP) no II Encontro da SBPJor, em novembro próximo, em Salvador, BA.


INSTANT MESSAGING (IM) Exchange of messages in real time, to a vetted, secure list of contacts via computer. Free

Good for reliving the school day

Bad for concentration at work

Remember not to have any friends on a different network

Typical message ohmigod guess what?

TEXTING (SMS) Real-time messaging system for mobile-phone users. Usually limits the number of characters in each message; texts either bundled with monthly talk plans, or paid for on an individual basis

Good for finding your mates at the bar

Bad for dumping your boyfriend

Don’t forget em seaf cabl missiver brebved no predictive text (do read back missives created on predictive text)

Typical message gr8 2 hr ur on4 party 2nite cu l8r

E-MAIL Modern first-class post. The most widespread, formal form of electronic communication; can be sent to one or many. Immediate reply not expected

Good for lyrical travelogues to desk-bound friends back home

Bad for spam

Don’t forget they are watching you

Typical message I know you probably don’t believe in these circulars, but…


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