TEMAS PARA PENSAR 2: Web cria “receptores passivos…

TEMAS PARA PENSAR 2: Web cria “receptores passivos”

Uma pesquisa publicada recentemente no The New York Times indica que o índice de leitura nos Estados Unidos vem caindo em todos os segmentos de leitores. Um dos pontos de destaque é a comparação feita entre leitores de livros impressos, que acabam por ter um comportamento intelectual mais ativo; e os leitores de páginas web, classificados como passivos ou “inertes”.

A questão: a web foi feita para leitura?

Vejam a seguir trecho da matéria:

Reading is not an active expression like writing, but it is not a passive experience either. It requires effort, concentration, attention. In exchange, it offers the stimulus to and the fruit of thought and feeling. Kafka said, “A book must be an ice ax to break the seas frozen inside our soul.” The metaphoric quality of writing — the fact that so much can be expressed through the rearrangement of 26 shapes on a piece of paper — is as exciting as the idea of a complete genetic code made up of four bases: man’s work on a par with nature’s. Discerning the patterns of those arrangements is the essence of civilization.

The electronic media, on the other hand, tend to be torpid. Despite the existence of good television, fine writing on the Internet, and video games that test logic, the electronic media by and large invite inert reception. One selects channels, but then the information comes out preprocessed. Most people use television as a means of turning their minds off, not on. Many readers watch television without peril; but for those for whom television replaces reading, the consequences are far-reaching.


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